LaserMaxx lasergames are designed and innovated by Multimax Electronics B.V. With over a decade worth of experience and being the proud market leader in Europe, LaserMaxx continues to be the leading brand in the industry due to their innovative, high-quality and durable products!

The best professional lasergame system available

LaserMaxx Lasergames is the best professional laser tag equipment available for any company to use. Able to suit both stand-alone arenas as well as tied in to other entertainment options you may already have such as go-karts, bowling, coin-op or paintball, LaserMaxx Lasergames have proven themselves countless of times. Customization, extreme durability, high-quality products ánd service and even many financing features. All those qualities are available only at LaserMaxx: the best professional lasergame system available.

European market leader

Founded in 1995, LaserMaxx is the European market leader of professional lasergame equipment. Its clients host lasertag in more than 21 countries and counting, ranging from the cold tip of Norway to the warm beaches of Spain. The success of LaserMaxx is based upon the core-values of building laser tag equipment of the best quality, combining the most modern technology with the most durable materials and continuously innovating new features for customers to use. LaserMaxx has firmly established itself as the leading brand within the laser tag industry! Discover these and many more features and contact us to receive information about LaserMaxx, EVO-5 and financing features.